• Type : Chair
  • Material : Steel, Wood, Leather/Cloth
  • Date : 2022

The interpretation of "simplicity" has been the designer's main and inspiring concern to create this chair. The designer has fully tried to provide a simple and direct answer to performance and functionality. As mentioned before, Simplicity is the main concern of designer in modern time. Afra is simple, because: it explicitly responds to performance. While avoiding any exaggeration, it benefits from a clear affordance and can softly communicates with his surrounding and context. It is aesthetically pleasing and introduces itself to the audience in an instant, as a lightweight and comfortable chair. Simplicity has given square chair a unique and distinctive beauty and look. According to the former explanation, "simplicity" is the core of Afra's design.

Afra has been introduced as runner up in the A’ Design Award 2022.