• Type : Light
  • Material : Metal
  • Manufacturer : Rona Light

This lamp is inspired by the geometry in "Girih"((Persian: گره, "knot", also written gereh[1]) are  decorative Islamic geometric patterns used in architecture and handicraft objects, consisting of angled lines that form an interlaced strapwork pattern) in Iranian architecture. The Girih is an element of classical Iranian architecture that has played a very important role in decorating the building. In designing this object, an attempt has been made to create the ability of "reproducibility" and "variety in arrangement" for this lamp by using geometric configuration. This light is designed in five pieces that are placed together in various modes. The form of the lamp is such that it creates innovative and diverse perspectives both in the collective arrangement and in the individual mode, and adds aesthetic values ​​to the interior. This light has the ability to provide space lighting in several different modes. The light filaments are placed inside the aluminum profile to be able to illuminate both linearly and in a plane (via Plexiglas sheet).