Nopa House Exhibition

  • Date : March 2019
  • Place : Saye Art Gallery
  • Curator : Hamoun Art Group

The exhibition consists of different parts and collections of chairs, lightings, rugs, accessories and pots.

The chair collection consists of prominent mid-century and modern chairs with a focus on Danish designs, offering a perspective into the history of modern product design and functionalism. Each piece presents a unique approach and tells a story of process, development and critical thinking. Nopa House is a space by Studio Nopa merging modern furniture, design culture and a friendly lifestyle. ‘Nopa House’ aims to value the designs inherited from architects and designers from all over the world, and share this knowledge and experience with design enthusiasts. By bringing together modern design history and today’s contemporary product artists, they hope to inspire designers and explore beyond cultural boundaries while preserving an appreciation for Iranian heritage. Hamoun Art Group Presented Majnoun, Irandokht, Sohrab I, Toranj and Ghorse Ghamar in this event.